What can we do for you?

Here are a range of services we can provide:

(but are also open to any requirements you might have)

  • Act as a cover for illness/ maternity etc for example as an Account Manager for your important customers that you do not want to lose contact with.
  • Act as a Go-between to 3rd party organisations
  • Be a Representative/Assist at Exhibitions – especially in Europe – where I can be an ambassador for your product or service and where my Languages (Business German, Good French and conversational Italian and Spanish mean I can provide an international exterior to your company.
  • Create a Sales (or other function) Process
  • Create a Sales incentive plan
  • Gather information from Board Members and other stakeholders and produce an independent report
  • Help you expand internationally
  • Interview Potential Candidates/ Internal Staff / Customers
  • Produce a sales kit for salespeople from product information (eg USPs, Pricing Framework, Overcoming objections, Marketplace, SWOT Analysis)
  • Provide a Sales framework for you to be able to assess your Salespeople’s forecasting
  • Provide expertise/assistance in setting up a business
  • Research information / Analyse Information/ Report on Information
  • Set up a UK or Continental European Office
  • Translate documents from Business German to English


To request a discussion or ask for a quote please contact us.